Manca di Ripresa

Sluggish and tethered to my lettino sull’adriatico
dopo il mese in gruppo leccese
victuals & chemicals spinning
in vortical flow throughout my exhausted poisoned body

Sucking at my brain precious with thoughts
of self-directed ageism,
of paralysis
by an unwanted pregnancy of
self-mutilating friends with
stingy tongues cutting like rose’s thorns their words of prejudice & denial about life’s possibilities

Cowering like court jesters
before the cruelest king
that mere consideration of
a philosophy
that pretends Life’s purpose
to be
to live

within a vortex of
uncentered thoughts
evoking expectation,
desire & disappointment
projecting fears for future plans

An artist’s hand
sets the cherrywood tear drop
into the perfectly centered
nipple of ghiaccioed cola blood
of the inversed chalice’s

And I am healing
from a world wrought
with inherent contradictions
in which lies
my salvation

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