Sunlight and Silhouettes

Some mornings seem to twinkle
brighter than others
as I sink deeper
into my snug, chocolate
worn leather arm chair

The cool late August breeze
washes like a stinging splash
of salty-cold cape cod ocean
over my still waking eyes
filling my nostrils
with the meaty scent of brine

Sunlight and silhouettes flicker
slip slowly ‘cross my thigh
then pounce like a lynx
onto cream-colored walls

Shadow puppets morph
into giant jungle-green
leopard-skinned, soaring-necked giraffes
exotic knuckle-kneed, glade-wading
powder-blue flamingoes, imperious
golden lolling lions and tigers
and ruby-masked knights
tilting at urban windmills
on medieval paths

Animated tales
told in cinematographic light
and shadows of a shifting
vernal equinox
of wind blown leaves
on trees that block the bright

Indifference foretells the tale
of yet another
luscious fleeting summer
of vibrant green hues
and vivid august blues

Born of solitary moments
spontaneous, she leeps
in shimmering single slivers
life dances, for a breath
across scintillating silver
unscripted screens of time

Fists of snowballs,
paper-white hydrangeas
pinken softly
signaling us, sparingly
of autumn’s unrelenting
sweetly ominous,
imminent arrival

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