Practice for Living

The clock’s
tic-tock’s sometimes
than a careening
cartoon bomb
One like
Wile E. Coyote’d launch
from a Looney Tunes’
cartoon cliff
and lurching
toward the 8.23.58
bull’s eye
painted on my head
Some say: Congratulations!
I say: turn this tour around,
let’s start the clock
all over again
Then suddenly I realize
there’s NOTHING
to be done…
A calming whisper
urges gently:
“Release, be at peace.”
and the more & more yielding
I manage to become
brings a silence, then surrender
Tic-tock’s stopped
and NO implosion.
After all the anguish
said & done
the clock ticks on…

And life’s windingest
& lush & muddiest
wet & churning
– infinite with grace
hardly ever, almost never
certainly never
seem to cease
In yet another calibration
of the endless
of this zany, ever-looping
Looney Tunes’

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