Snapshots of Angst

I wish I spoke German
I would write
Great Epic Poems
Of Angst and Geilheit
The likes of Tristan und Isolde

My heart throbs aching
For the closeness I miss
But not for the Him
I created in me

A telephone conversation
Stingily braising
A simmering past
Romanticized then suddenly,

Petrified my hardened heart
Volcanic news of separation
Ocean of Time and Neglect and Fear
Unrequited anguished moments

Lonely dinners
A table for one
Out-of-town businessmen
Peering through the gestalt
Of rain-beaded window
Pains of shattered love

Street lights suspended
Abandoned black pavements
Glistening with hues of whitish yellow
Like ghosts piercing
Lonely passersby
Draped in personal protective
Canopies of anonymity

Here I sit in a golden haze
Chilled to the bone
Goblets of diet coke,
Iced to the brim
Stony visions of hellishly Falling
Purple grey February slush

Chop-sticking at
Hypoallergenic pad thai
Dreaming of
Und Love gone by

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