Labor Day Longing

A certain bright sadness
lites on labor day weekend; hangs
in the humid
suspended, salty breeze
jealous echoes long
for June’s fervent repaid promise
its budding, revivifying
fulgent summer sun

Passing seasons prompt an image:
giddy, peace-seeking beach pilgrims
beneath pastel-colored parasols
and savagely handsome
brawny bearded gadabouts
rugged faceless men
– mostly
the ones wade nakedly
seeking treasures
in their tightly-tailored
flesh-colored suits
knee-high through low-tide
sea marshes
and gilded scorching sand dunes
the ones, no one
ever hardly…
rarely ever, seems to meet

Driving mindlessly
barring on-ramps
choking route 6 from use
staking claim to my beaches
buying blue fish in schools
blocking tables to devour
my outer cape lobster
in candlelit, oceanfront hipsterants
they pillage my stores
imbibe at my bars
dance the night
to electronic beats

On tight steamy floors
make love to the eager
our sightless, our jaded
our local strangers
then suddenly, they vanish
like a sprightly ocean wolf
beneath the towering
rhythmic surf, an inhale
then a ROAR
falls crashing, and it shimmers
‘neath a longing harvest moon…
incandescent essence
to’n abandoned
silver shore


What is it I cannot say?

A clock’s resounding shrill
squeals away,
“all feet planted on the floor”
toward a car, a train, a bus
a door
pulling people-conveyors, travellators
an airbus breaks tentatively
free from terra firma
winging equivocally, launches in flight
unspoken sadness, a hungry goodbye:

sweet and tender longing
for its sumptuous, red-blooded
eternal, Latin soul
seizing the time to live, lustily
amidst ancient, sculpted
marble proboscises
veined with pulsating, robust
Roman virility
prolific, sentient
chiseled-granite silhouettes
hewn nimbly
with singular artistic humility
shimmering all shapelessly
in a creamy vanilla sheen
of light-emitting diodes and a full moon’s bullish rising

Like a languishing
Federico F film
steamy summer nights
and roll foggily
on Tevere’s rippleless, rushing
black waters
tacit coy voracities
lie barely, just beneath
seductive, full-lipped smiles
untill we meet again:
good riddance!
I will miss you…
all the while
one meteoric moment mutually possessed
and never
again, and again



aloft and sailing…
on the current of a gust
delicious, warm and humid
indescribable ocean musk
a delicate jazz tune twinkles
and pours into my ear
sweet, familiar foreign vowels
stop and punctuate, a tossing briny air
spoken, sung… I soar deeper
into the azure, not here nor there
for a shimmer and crash, an Ionian undulation

I fly

I’m free
a fish in the sea


By the need to flee…
abundant painful fruits
of an axiomatic belief
in seductive, powerful
delusions of control
as though ever we could know
by infinity’s grace,
all factors, all elements
all possible events
inherent in the creation
of one singular moment
double-tongued promises
of the spirited virtuous vice
grip the mind, commandeer the body
ransom the soul, creating chimerical
cocooning chemical catapults
slinging us like bugs
from merciless snares
smack! into panes of shattering glass
to start the long
overdue and arduous repair

Salty, Ensalada Verde with Onions

Peaceful plucking, flamenco strings
mellifluous dissonance, harmonies
ensalada verde, unremarkable request
impromptu noontime nourishment
splashed and tossed indigenous ingredients:
coconut oil, white table vinegar
fermented fruit of the palma real,
crushed garlic, crushed chili
crushed pepper and sea salt

Precious, unambitious
innocuous Salt!

Spice most consumed, by far by all
sprinkled, from simple
bought at any Walmart, from here to Beijing
Made in China, embossed boldly
high upon the rim,
tightly spring-loaded
designed to ensure “snap-on
from caking cross-Atlantic
African desert-dust and moisture
riding on, heaving on
retreating, briny, caribbean
trade winds

Impervious to fugues of fantasy
in quasi famished states
I cut hungrily into crisp,
succulent leaves of palish green,
cold and sweating, iceberg lettuce-cups
snapping moist against my dry, silent lips
hard, sinewy, orange-pink, yellow-green
striated, unripened tomatoes
from northern, southern nurseries
imported express for inauspicious
occasions, like an ordinary lunch
by luminescent lapping shores
extraordinary! ensalada verde
en Caña Gorda, al mar

Bobbing at the base
of its vinegary
saliferous, peppered stew
two small, raw
white concentric rings of onion
almost perfectly-sized
for graceful young women
to wear gently
around long, slender, flowing fingers
I bit in.
its steady-stinging, watery flesh
flooding my nostrils
with acrid sweet

In one fantastic
fleeting flash,
a firebolt
of memory…

A time more hopeful
and innocent with fun,
a foreign concept, the pangs of loss
my mother and I lie
wriggling on our bellies
on fresh-cut, sweet-green-grass
crossed at the ankles, legs flailing in the air
chortling with laughter

My eyes squint to see.

Her loving,
exuberant young face
the early afternoon sun,
one surviving, conspicuous
glowingly chirping-yellow buttercup
brushes boldly
against my cheek
in the park across the street
eating home-grown
Bazik spuckies with tuna,
soupy mayonnaise
down my snickering, dolphin’s grin
and onions and pickles and potato chips
on our tickled breaths
she plucked the lone-surviving
persistent, cheery intruder
pressed it toward my chin
imploring playfully:
“make a wish”

A tear fell
splashing with aplomb,
onto my plain
china plate
of a saltier, now
ensalada verde
en Caña Gorda, al mar


Clutching cadaverous
for any protracted period of time
has a subtle way of seducing
an active mind

into fantasies…

of vigor
and return to robust health.

I’ll eat like an athlete
preparing for an Iron Man!
I’ll sprint like a cheetah
hurtling ‘cross the Serengeti plains!

I’ll train like a pugilist
pounding victory upon my chest
and hunt like a falcon
chasing the howling wind!

I’ll snore superciliously
like a lazing lion dreaming,
sleeping off’
a royal feast
and bask, like a languishing lauderdale lizard
thawing in the heat of a tropical sun.

To reunite with life with lust!
despite all good intentions,
these tall, concocted promises made
come seldom to fruition.

When imperceptibly,

the spirited cyclone catapults me


Square, into the middle
of a whirling shark’s soup
of busyness as usual.

to Tazmania!


waking from dreams

On occasion
I wake up not knowing where I am
I went on that trip again, to another planet
I think…
it’s the one dangling there
in the night sky
like a prismatic blue, crystal
window ornament
suspended, scintillating
the soft refracted light
of a flickering distant star,
where things flow flawlessly
one into another, organically, like jigsaw puzzle pieces
one moment, one thought, one whisper
…at a time
the one where I fly
like a thought without wings
over twinkling city skylines
and oceans vast with tall
salty waves’
metamorphosing haze
where I know every language
without a tongue to speak.
ears to listen, hands to write
eyes to read,
the one out there in here.
I don’t know where.
It’s the one like
a 20th Century Technicolor Fox film,
entertainment for sleeping,
story telling for the unconscious,
then I wake up.
slowly recognizing where I am
I reabsorb lessons
on how to navigate the impossible safety
of the shore,
by reading, what
I’m supposed to read
by writing, what
I’m supposed to write
by hearing, what
I’m supposed to hear
by speaking, what
I’m supposed to say
I take refuge.
in a cocoon-like compact,
feeling fortressed
by the freedom of its confinement


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We Pine

the changing season
a bustling return
to the great indoors
of popular
urban chophouses’
fleshy fall
of zesty
roasting autumn roots
of searing
peppery seasoned fowl
of sizzling
copious cuts
of cured tangy turf
calling salaciously
from wafting
open pores
of luminary masterchefs’
kitchen doors


on the fledgling harvest horizon
the tepid
recoiling september sun
its waning will
to embrace
the biting
bitter breezes’ promise
of yet another
insidious onset
of the grey season’s
lingering …
of icicles & north
piercing winds
in its best
of last ditch efforts
to clutch us closer
to the fire’s
radiant warmth
of summer’s
tender reliving

of silver stars
and August moons
of azure skies
and sandy dunes
of splashing seals
and soaring whales
of purple pastures
and wind-blown sails
of warm summer rains
and earth’s meaty scents
of greensugary-cut lawns,
friends’ laughter and laments
of dancing by the sea
and chocolate tans
of bursting blue
and pink hydrangeas
on the very same stem

of marauding burly bands
of wild turkeys’
at mornings’ humid
sweet and sour, high-bush
Truro blueberries

of fourteen-hour days
and a yellow-tail fox’s
gesturing gaze
in the reassuring glow
of a July
waxing moon’s
knowing eyes

we pine

People Pleasing


to grant

the self-indulgent
of another man’s whims

in arduous
vain attempts
to please…

to keep
– at best
a precarious peace
& rest

delirious deference
to copiously unmeasured
grand gests

I give
blindingly brilliant
white daylight,
to a seamless
without hope
of egress

the poignant
of self-annihilating