Untethered Passion

Wanting is the problem 
it so easily turns into
a no-holds-barred chase
to possess an itch
that cannot be scratched

Untethered passion
born of a sense of imperfection
a false belief that
to enslave
the objects of our desire
will set us free

To clench thus
with jaw & fist
is to annihilate
the spirit of love
that lives within

Glimpsing for an instant
in the eyes
a reflection
a sudden rush of the familiar
a sensation of home
self’s true nature
recognized in another

Thoughts of possession
a fleeting illusion
for love will not have this

Superlative Singleminded Thick Straight Lines

Pressure to proceed
Along superlative
Singleminded thick Straight lines
Takes a detour
Onto meandering, blossoming
Summer lavender trails
Giving chase to joyous ends
Of heart & mind
Only each
Its beguiling forlorn quest:
To think, to write, to speak
To act
Without restraint

Realization of dreams
Close to the heart
Dear to the mind
Before the world
Accomplishments stacked
Like so many books
Walls overcrowded with trophies & diplomas & moose heads
Become dictators to
Fragile false selves hooked
More by the fawning crowd
Than by forays into acts of
Liberating self-kindness

Fleeing the inconspicuous
Ubiquitous slave master’s
Imposed preposterous perfection
Into the night
With untrue & tired old friends
Rebelling by escape
We vampires
Our hungry tongues
Compulsively lapping
At life’s myriad elixirs
Promising eternal peace
Power & ecstasy

Participating presence in time’s gift:
A life lived…
Well enough
To realize all it fancies
To which most do not dare
To dream of giving flight
Lest they fall paralyzed
Into Fear’s gaping guise of

The most interesting
Slave to perfection
The world has ever known
The master’s perfect dream

Manca di Ripresa

Sluggish and tethered to my lettino sull’adriatico
dopo il mese in gruppo leccese
victuals & chemicals spinning
in vortical flow throughout my exhausted poisoned body

Sucking at my brain precious with thoughts
of self-directed ageism,
of paralysis
by an unwanted pregnancy of
self-mutilating friends with
stingy tongues cutting like rose’s thorns their words of prejudice & denial about life’s possibilities

Cowering like court jesters
before the cruelest king
that mere consideration of
a philosophy
that pretends Life’s purpose
to be
to live

within a vortex of
uncentered thoughts
evoking expectation,
desire & disappointment
projecting fears for future plans

An artist’s hand
sets the cherrywood tear drop
into the perfectly centered
nipple of ghiaccioed cola blood
of the inversed chalice’s

And I am healing
from a world wrought
with inherent contradictions
in which lies
my salvation