5:30 AM

Short of twenty
precious looming minutes
before the glowing, molten
orange daylight
upon a silvery twilit horizon,
beaming brilliant, sunny
mischievous morning cheer,
piercingly, raucously
pushing past
blackout shades and thick
burgundy velvet winter drapes,
onto this sacred, private moment
of lying
in the dark, in the silence
– breathing,
just breathing
before the peal of opening bells
and crushing pressure
to reach…
for starry fascinations of this busiest of minds
a slave, to checked boxes

its own merciless trap,
pressure to produce
as though breathing the clean, crisp
autumn air
not nearly enough
to nourish this,
God’s masterpiece creation:
one man

and doing without pause
– uniquely American a cause,
of unchecked compulsion and capitalistic a sense of national duty

Kick! the bucket list far…
and out…
into the interstellar space of tranquility
beyond the moon
beyond the sun
beyond the Milky Way

To sit in solitude,
in peace,
without the merciless, imposing
squeeze of needing…
to experience everything
that strikes a mind’s fancy

Time for a vacation!

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