it boils down
to the love
we share
in this infinitesimally
tiny pocket of time

(High pitched screeeeeeeeeeching
scratchy halt…of black vinyl 45 RPM,
hallmark alert!)

But what about the hate and the fear? The confusion and the pain, the frustration, desperation, hopelessness and boredom? The pessimism, the envy, the cold indifference, petty jealousies and those rayless retaliations that seem surely to ensue? The over-stimulation, the heartache of betrayal, the disappointment for the dreams, despite the best of efforts, that simply don’t come true?

It seems not
so matter-of-factly,
to boil down
to any one particular thing at all
but rather,
to a simmering
of myriad universal opportunities
to learn, about ourselves
in the mirror of common human ground,
like a good hearty chicken,
rice and vegetable soup,
made with heaps and gobs of…


Let’s suppose,
that it may, even likely
after all,
just be…
the simple sentimental truth,
that all of this…
does somehow, miraculously
to the undeniable
bonding energy, of love

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