Fear of Vulnerability

“You may grow anxious if you believe that someone is trying to control you in some way. But your fear might be based on the realization that you don’t have all the answers today. Instead of acting with false bravado or using smooth words to impress others, be honest and show your vulnerability. Oddly enough, admitting what you don’t know opens the door to real intimacy and stronger relationships.”

Horoscope for: 2/28/13, from:
The Daily Horoscope iPhone App

Fearing dearth of information
States my daily divination
O mighty cause of consternation
Vain attempts at obligation
Of my own omnisciation

To feign control,
Largesse of sagesse
Amongst other pirouettes
My greying head
passing ripe
Implodes like my bunching fingers
Into a fist
Or pops like corn
On funeral pyres
Of prideful indignation

Like Ed Sullivan:
“Ladies and gentlemen,
It is with pleasure that
I now release to you:
My fear-hewn pride !”

Do I fear being controlled at the points in my life when I feel most unsure about my next move, perhaps?????

It feels vulnerable not to know.

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