Tired Old Friends, Coconuts and Hurricanes Have A Lot To Teach Us

Tired of Tired Old Friends
Resisting change and life
No matter how taut by Inflammation And Dried by alcohol And cigarettes And cocaine their Voices and nasal Passages become

No matter how much they resent their Partners, parents, children, the Economy,
For their unrealized Dreams,
Their boredom and sense of Feeling Untethered, unloved by life

No matter how encumbered they find Themselves by their inner discord, Disorder, Refuse, frustration, Disappointment,
Living in a barrel Alongside Diogenes
Seems to be lost on
Tired Old Friends
No matter how much notice
Life gives them about the urgency to Evolve

Like a category 5 hurricane
Charging directly into the wide flat Middle
Only disintegration results
When Tired Old Friends repudiate life’s Terms
With a rigid stance

Much better to be a coconut palm
That gives against mighty Gale Force Winds
To ensure its survival to
Live another day of possibilities

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